Steve is an imaginative knife maker who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through his work. His works are often noted for their unique style, elegance, and technique. Steve has developed a beautiful style that blends steel, stone, bone and wood into one of a kind creations. His use of vibrant colors and strong lines make his work stand out among other knife makers due to his innovative handle designs.

Steve was born in 1952 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, he had a long career in the burglar and fire alarm business.  After retireing boredom got the better of him and he started knifemaking in 2008. Steve is a all or none guy so his passion for knife making puts him in his shop anytime he can get there.  After a year or so of working entirely on his own he met RW Wilson, and old timer.  “RW has been my mentor and has helped me more than I can thank him for.  I also have had opportunities to work with other knife makers that have had a great impact on me.  Brad Vice from Alabama Damascus continues to give me pointers and furnish me steel.  A big thanks to all you guys”!


My shop is in my basement.  I started making knives after I retired.  I have never worked making a knife, it has all been pleasure.  I am amazed at how I love making each knife and how much each one of them mean to me.  I have had many “Old Timers” help me and I just love passing on the art.  I make each knife different and I keep building just to see how Barbie  “My other half”  responds when I show them to her. I love seeing her say “This one is Mine.”

Steve can create a custom knife of your choice.
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